Wedding Reception Formality Sheet


Wedding Reception Formality Sheet

Wedding Date:
Ceremony Location:

Ceremony Time:

Food Caterer:

Bride's First Name:
Groom's First Name:

Groom's Last Name:

Bridal Party Entrance

Bride's Parents:
Groom's Parents:

Bridesmaids escorted by Ushers:

(in order of entrance)

Bridesmaid 1:
Usher 1:

Bridesmaid 2:
Usher 2:

Bridesmaid 3:
Usher 3:

Bridesmaid 4:
Usher 4:

Bridesmaid 5:
Usher 5:

Bridesmaid 6:
Usher 6:

Flower Girl:
Ring Bearer:

Maid/Matron of Honor:
Best Man:

Bride & Groom (as you would like to be announced):
Bride/Groom Dance:

Bridal Party Dance:
Toast Given By:

Grace/Blessing for Dinner?:
If YES, given by whom?:

Dinner Hour

Centerpiece Giveaway:
Anniversary or Snowball Dance:

Bride dance with her father?:
If NO, Who?:

To the tune of?:
Groom dance with mother?:
If NO, Who?:

To the tune of?:
Groom & Brides Mom Dance or Bride and Groom's Dad Dance?:
To the tune of?:

Bride & Groom Cut the Cake?:
To the tune of?:

Do you want a dollar dance?:
Bride throw bouquet?:
To the tune of?:

Groom throw garter?:
To the tune of?:

Special Requests or Instructions:
*Your Email:

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