Wedding Reception Questionnaire

We have put together this short questionnaire to help you prepare for your Wedding Reception. Please try to answer all questions. This information should be returned to us 1 month before your wedding date. We will be using your responses to help us personalize your wedding day. The suggestions offered are merely suggestions.


Wedding Reception Questionnaire

On a scale of 1 – 10, how interactive would you like your DJ to be? :

On a scale of 1 – 10, how upbeat would you like your special day to be?:

Please rate your musical preferences on a scale of 1 – 10 (0 being not at all, 10 loving it!)


R & B:

70’s Disco:
Older Dance:

Top 40:

Participating Dances:

What type of music do you NOT want to hear at your reception?:
Bride’s all time favorite song:

Grooms all time favorite song:
What concerns are important to you regarding the way your DJ coordinates your reception?:

Would you like a special last dance?:

What song/artist:

Would you like to end the night with your first song?:

Everyone to join in with you?:

Where are you honeymooning?:

It is important to feed your Videographer and Photographer, they have been on the job for hours before the reception and will be there for several hours more. Please let the banquet manager know to feed them including the DJ immediately following the head table and Parent’s table, so they can get back to the job you hired them to do.

Unless otherwise requested by the bride and groom, your DJ will coordinate all activities, and make sure your other Wedding Professionals are kept informed of all events that are happening. This is to make your day run smoother, and to take the pressure of you!

Seating arrangements; please seat the “younger crowd” closest to the dance floor to minimize complaints from the “older guests”

Tips: it is customary to tip people in the service industry. If you feel your DJ was Key in making your wedding day successful, please feel free to tip accordingly!


Please use space below for any special requests, comments or announcements!: